SteamPunk Aromatic E-Lixers

Vaping In Luxury.


Introducing 1-UP, inspired by adult gamers that remember the golden years of Pacman, Donkey Kong, Mario, and Q-Bert and more.  Just like finding one of the 1-UP Mushrooms, these flavors are sure to fill your taste buds with happiness and joy!  With flavors such as ...

Spoiler:  You will love all of these and come back for more and more and more!  The Awesomest part of all of this, is there is no limit to how many 1-UPs you can get in this e-Liquid line.  You can have as many as you want.  Indulge!  You deserve it!


Pink Tape Bubble Game, err... I mean Bubble Gum!


Rainbow Sherbert Fruit Punch - need we say more?

A black-cherry cheesecake that is delicious and you will go back to more and more, just like the first time you played Pac-Man!

Hibiscus Honeysuckle Rose Green Tea - now we finally know what is in those Super Mario Fire Flowers.

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